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Working in Saudi Arabia gave me opportunity to read and practice photography. Had my film taken twice. Bad feeling! Britney Spears naked on a white elephant... and some nice Arab man in a thobe, gutra & igal (sp?) took the film! @!$%#! I went back later and the white elephant told me I just missed her! Best advice taken... keep shooting everyday!

Nature Photography... Then came diving & all the classes to become an instructor. Not much else to do in Saudi Arabia. Decided that Dive Master was as far as my need for liability reached. I got bored finning up and down the reef wall looking for sharks and turtles. Someone told me I was missing the best part of ocean life... the little stuff! That translated into underwater cameras (Nikonos V's). Woodie Pridgeon was the teacher and got me started in a good way.  His wife Angie kept us agitated (hot!) and well fed. Now... 9 years of no diving and no underwater photography! Time for the digital cameras with housings! Big Boy Toys!


Cowboy Photography... Great venues in Phoenix to do lots of photography. It's ponies and cowgirls that excite me! Heard that when I was 12. The local tree trimmer loved AK-SAR-BEN and betting the ponies... I think he died a pauper in 1968. As for me... I hate the thought of losing money... so Cutting, Roping, Rodeo, Barrels and Reining Photography for me. Women on horseback are good for photography!

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